This is the Music Technology Toolbox or MT TOOLBOX, and you will find an ever growing collection of different videos relating to techniques and skills needed to be comfortable with music production and sound engineering. The videos are helpful for anyone who wants a basic understanding of how to use Logic Pro X.

The MT TOOLBOX will cover,

  • Recording techniques
  • MIDI Sequencing tricks
  • How to use plugins effectively
  • How to troubleshoot problems
  • How to manipulate audio


This is a growing area of the site and we are open to suggestions, so if you have any topics that you would like us to cover then please get in touch through the contacts page.

Introduction to Logic Pro X

Basic Drum Programming

The Retro Synth in Logic X

Manipulating Audio Task 1

You can download the Audio & MIDI files for the Manipulating Audio task below.

Boom 135 bpm Audio & MIDI

Watch the video via Youtube and look in the description for the step by step instructions

Mixing EDM Tutorial

This is a 6 part tutorial that remixes the Ed Sheeran track – Shape of you

How to use Reverb (basic) in Logic X

setting up a record track in Logic X

Using Aux and Bus Channels

Using Insert plugins within Logic X

Importing Audio tutorial for Logic X

Setting up a vocal microphone part 1

How to set up a vocal microphone part 2

DECONSTRUCTED! How to recreate 'Too Good' by Drake to on Logic X - Drums part 1

DECONSTRUCTED! How to recreate 'Too Good' by Drake on Logic X - The Instruments part 2


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