SIGN UP for our Online Tutoring & ASSESSMENT Service


Our Online tutoring & assessment service is the future of personal 1-2-1 session with music technology and music production.

With available free technology it is now relatively simple to set up an online tutoring environment.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how it all works

Things have a changed a little since I made this video (We use Zoom for the video and remote desktop bit) but the principle is the same.

I’ve been advocating this system well before 2020 and have researched many of the possibilities that this technology opens up. One of the main positives is that I am able to tutor people from anywhere in the world – with excellent sound quality!

It’s mainly down to the Audiomovers plugin AVAILABLE HERE– which sends a high quality audio feed from your DAW Master channel to a webpage that I can listen to. This combined with Zoom for screenshare and video makes for an excellent teaching tool

Here are some examples of the assessment service.

Please contact me at to organise a trial session

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