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Unleash Your Music Tech Mixing Potential!

Attention all teachers of Edexcel music technology A level! Take your mixing skills to the next level and better equip yourself to guide your students towards success. With our  Music Technology CPD for Mixing, you’ll dive deep into the world of music production, exploring strategies, techniques, and the use of essential plugins.

Consisting of a Powerpoint presentation and mixing examples.

You will look at mixing strategy and how to approach the mixing process and examine different mixes to pinpoint the usual problems that arise when beginning to mix.

Individual Courses are available on Demand

Learn the skills to help your students!

By completing this Music Tech CPD course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the mixing process and be able to support your students in their own mixing journey. Not only will you be able to identify and solve common mixing problems, but you will also have a full arsenal of techniques and tricks at your disposal to help your students create professional-sounding mixes.

Additionally, by experiencing the process yourself, you will be able to provide hands-on guidance and support, enabling your students to achieve their full potential in the Edexcel Music Technology A level course. Upgrade your skills and become a valuable resource for your students today!

You will need;

To participate, you’ll need a Mac computer with an up-to-date version of Logic Pro X and the Audiomovers plugin installed.

A multi-track mix from one of your students.

Access to Zoom either as an application or within the Chrome browser.

Don’t miss out on this online-only, two-part, 3-hour session course.

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