Audio Download


A short audio task that covers reversing audio, flex time, automation & creative effects.


Follow the step by step instructions

Step 1 – Import Audio into an empty project.

Import the Kick Drum, Funky Boom Loop, Hat & Chord loop and the Bassline. Remember to Save your project

Step 2 – Mix the audio levels so there is no clipping. Change the levels to balance the sounds.

Step 3 – Reverse the funky boom loop. Separate the last part of the loop using the Marquee tool. Ctrl-click to create new audio file. Select file from the track editor and open the functions menu and select reverse.

Step 4 – Reverse the kick drum loop. Do the same for the kick drum. Copy the section

Step 5 – Use the Flex function to change the timing of the audio. Lower the tempo to 96 bpm and change the types of flex setting.

Step 6 – Import the vocal at 96 bpm and use flex.

Step 7 – Change the tempo to 135 bpm.

Step 8 – Manipulate the vocal audio. Create some new tracks and start chopping up the audio with the marquee tool. Place the chopped audio onto the new tracks. Use some panning on the new tracks. Try using some delay of one of the cut words. Try a pitch shifter on one part of the vocal.

Step 9 – Import the Distorted 303 line.

Step 10 – Filter the funky boom loop using automation. Insert the Autofilter and use automation to record a filter sweep on the drum loop. Step 11 – Import the lead line MIDI file.

Step 12 – Import the lead line audio file

Step 13 – Use the Alchemy Synth to reinforce the lead line audio.