Music Technology CPD – Mixing

Unleash Your Music Tech Mixing Potential!

Attention all teachers of Edexcel music technology A level! Take your mixing skills to the next level and better equip yourself to guide your students towards success. With our  Music Technology CPD (Continued Professional Development) for Mixing, you’ll dive deep into the world of music production, exploring strategies, techniques, and the use of essential plugins.

Consisting of a Powerpoint presentation and mixing examples, you will look at mixing strategy and how to approach the mixing process and examine different mixes to pinpoint the usual problems that arise when beginning to mix.

The course consists of a 1-2-1 video session at a time convenient to you.

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Part 1 – Get ready to learn about:

  • Overview of the mixing process
  • Examination of different mixes to identify common problems
  • Strategies for effective level and panning
  • Explanation of sub mixing
  • Compressor usage – how and when to use it
  • Understanding the right way to use EQ in a mix
  • The importance of Gain staging
  • Different types of reverb and their uses
  • The proper use of delay
  • Automation workflow tips
  • How to synchronize stimulus tracks with the project tempo
  • Best practices for using the Logic Drummer plugin
  • Audio editing techniques and tricks
  • Understanding when and how to use the Match EQ plugin
  • The use of the hidden saturation plugin
  • Use of the fade and marquee tools
  • Essential HOTKEYS for efficient workflow
  • And much more!

Part 2 – Practice Mixing 

  • Mixing a track using techniques learned in Part 1
  • Critiquing the mixed track and identifying areas for improvement
  • Presenting your own track and demonstrating improvements made through skills learned


Focus on meeting the requirements of the recording and mixing coursework and provide guidance and examples to help teachers prepare students effectively for the Edexcel Music Technology Course.

A detailed look at the features of Logic Pro that can help achieve an successful mix and strategies on how impart this knowledge to students.

Take away valuable resources and tutorials to support the teaching of the recording and mixing component of the course.

Get a bespoke critique of one of your students mixes in order to better understand specific production issues.


Heads of Music Technology

Teachers of Music Technology



Approaching the recording process

  • Set up and download mix example
  • Understanding recording criteria
  • Analyzing stimulus track and creating backing track
  • Mapping recording process
  • Importance of audio editing
  • Examining a well-recorded multitrack

Approaching the mixing process

  • Static mix using balance and pan
  • Using EQ and compressor
  • Tape saturation plugin
  • Reverbs and delays
  • Automation
  • Hotkeys in Logic Pro

 Analysing student’s mixing coursework

  • Examining real-world examples
  • Discussing strategies for success
  • Finishing a mix

Practical mixing exercise

  • Mixing a track using techniques learned
  • Critique of mixes
  • Download resources and tutorials


Thor House is currently a Music Producer and Educator that has over 20 years experience as a teacher of the A level Music Technology course. Thor has provided resources and tutorials through his website since 2011 for use in schools and colleges across the UK.

Drawing on his years of industry experience producing music and a seasoned communicator of music technology concepts, Thor is well placed to provide training to music technology teachers and professionals.


A practical mixing project for you and your students

Resources on mixing and music production

A powerpoint presentation 

CPD certificate of Attendance

Learn the skills to help your students!

By completing this Music Tech CPD course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the mixing process and be able to support your students in their own mixing journey. Not only will you be able to identify and solve common mixing problems, but you will also have a full arsenal of techniques and tricks at your disposal to help your students create professional-sounding mixes.

Additionally, by experiencing the process yourself, you will be able to provide hands-on guidance and support, enabling your students to achieve their full potential in the music technology A level course. Upgrade your skills and become a valuable resource for your students today!

You will need;

To participate, you’ll need a Mac computer with an up-to-date version of Logic Pro X and the Audiomovers plugin installed, a multi-track mix from one of your students, and access to Skype either as an application or within the Chrome browser.

Don’t miss out on this online-only, two-part, 3-hour session course.

Get yourself started by looking in the MT TOOLBOX for short tutorials on audio editing, drum programming and much more!