Music Technology Edexcel Music Technology

Welcome to the Edexcel AS & A Level Music Technology course.

Below you will find the structure of the course with a brief outline of its four components

Although the content is geared towards supporting the Edexcel A level Music Technology Course it does not mean that the contents are ONLY relating to the aforementioned course. These are all general Music Technology based tasks that COULD help you with the Edexcel Course but not exclusively.

Through our tutorials, the student will learn their skills by undertaking various tasks related to the professional world of music production. The tutorials combine annotated videos, downloadable files and quizzes with clear tasks and objectives that relate to real-world situations. Through the use of these tutorials the AS and A Level students will hopefully go on to use the skills they have learnt for their own recordings and compositions.

Below you will find the tutorials, quizzes and documentation that will help you understand the four components that make up the AS & A Level Music Technology Course.

Start with the COURSE OVERVIEW 

Component 1 1

Recording & Mixing. 

This is one of the practical components where you will record a cover version of a song from a list of artists designated by Edexcel as part of the AS and A level Music Technology course. This list will change every year.

The difference between the A Level and AS courses is that the A level course requires you to record drums and percussion, whereas the AS specifies that no drums should be used in the recording.

It is recommended that A level students should complete the AS coursework as a stepping stone to recording their main project (with drums).

Component 2 Edexcel Music Technology

Sequencing, Sampling, Synthesis & Composition. 

This is the other practical component where you will undertake a composition. This composition will be completed on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Logic Pro X or Ableton.

The composition makes use of two samples that are supplied by Edexcel and should show understanding of the component topics.

It is recommended that A level students should complete the AS coursework as a stepping stone to compose their main project.

Component 3 Edexcel Music Technology

Music Technology in Context.

This component covers how Music Technology has changed over time and what impact it has had on the music industry.

Covering elements such as the development of recording, the electric guitar, the digital era and much more, this component will give you an understanding of the importance that Music technology has on the musical creative process.

This component is assessed by exam for bothe the AS and A level Music Technology courses. You will find powerpoint presentation, videos, quizzes and our amazing MT Dictionary that will help you understand this very broad ranging subject and achieve good results

Component 4 Edexcel Music Technology

Production Techniques & Exam.

Component 4 covers the practical skills needed to produce music in the modern age of DAW’s. These topics are covered in the other components so here we aim to improve those production skills rto a point where they can be used in an exam environment.

Here you will find tutorials that cover the basic production techniques needed to achieve good results. The tutorials will cover compression techniques, Creative EQ, Automation and good mixing practice.

This component is assessed by exam. You will find sample questions that will prepare you for the exam.