‘Brick England’ by the Pet Shop Boys. Logic Pro X Multitrack & Tutorial


 ‘Brick England’ by The Pet Shop Boys Logic Pro Version & Tutorial DOWNLOAD


Download a complete Logic Pro Arrangement of ‘Brick England’ by The Pet Shop Boys. Discover how the track can be recreated by using only the stock plugins that you get with Logic pro X.

Get to understand how the arrangement is put together, and how to use the different Audio Instruments to create the complex synths that make up this track.

Improve your mix skills  just using the stock plugins that come with Logic pro X by investigating how different mix techniques are used in the production of this track.

The tutorials pack also contains a several tutorial videos that show how and why the different plugins were used in the production of this track 

These videos include an all new ‘overview’ video to help with the structure of the track.

 ‘Brick England’ by The Pet Shop Boys  Logic Pro Version & Tutorial is available now