The Guide to Mixing ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ by Wolf Alice & ‘Whinging Tom’ by Alan Dogg

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The Resource Packs that I have created are designed to support teachers and students while they are working through the Component 1: Recording Coursework as part of the Advanced Music Technology A level.


There are two sets of resources in this pack.


Firstly, there is the Guide to mixing ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ by Wolf Alice. This resource is meant for TEACHERS ONLY. There will be NO AUDIO SUPPLIED for this resource. The audio can be downloaded from the Edexcel Website.

This resource consists of a

Reference Mix Logic file with appropriate plugins and routing for the track

A comprehensive written guide to the mixing and production process

And an in-depth video that covers audio editing and other production techniques used in the song


It is not meant for use by the students and is there as a supportive reference guide for the Teacher.


The 2nd Resource is based on a track called ‘Whinging Tom’ by Alan Dogg. This resource is for the students to gain the skillset needed to create a successful mix of the Wolf Alice song.

The arrangement, instrumentation and mixing techniques mirror the processes used in the ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ track.


It is meant to be used as a preparation assignment before attempting the coursework.

This resource consists of


a reference mix (FOR TEACHERS)

Audio tracks for importing

A preparation mixing assignment

15 supporting task videos.


It is a comprehensive resource that covers all the aspects of mixing in this particular genre and will help the students when they are working on their final coursework.


If you wish me to listen to students mixes when they get close to finishing please contact me at



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