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The Music Tech Guru ‘Guide to mixing ROCK’ is a tutorial that takes a hands on approach to teaching the basics of multi-track mixing in Logic Pro.

Packed with videos outlining the different processes that need to be understood in order to create a viable mix, the guide to mixing rock is a complete project that is designed to take between 4 – 6 hours to finish.

The guide to mixing rock provides the students an insight into simple mixing techniques that they can then use on their own coursework or compositions.

The idea behind this tutorial is to give Music Technology students a clearly defined task that will help them develop the mixing skills needed for the GCE Music Technology qualification.

I’ve tried to make this tutorial as comprehensive as possible without it being too long winded or technical. The tutorial informs the student of the many options open to them when it comes to mixing and tries to encourage then to experiment where appropriate.

Here is a snippet of the tutorial



By the end of the project the student should have acquired the following skills,

  1. How to correctly prepare a mixing session
  2. How and where to use a reverb
  3. How and where to use a noise gate
  4. How to use an EQ
  5. How to use a compressor
  6. How to use FX, such as flange, delay
  7. How to use the automation functions
  8. How to create a stereo master mix

The Music Tech Guru has been teaching Music Technology for over 10 years and has an industry track record of music production, composition and performance. The guide to mixing rock is a culmination of all these skills and is an worthwhile addition to any Music technology course.

Crucially it can also be used year on year, again and again.

The Tutorial Pack contains;

  1. A 20 track multi-track recording
  2. Over 40 minutes of video tutorials
  3. A comprehensive PDF mixing guide
  4. A description of the most common processors & FX

Watch Video 1 of the tutorial here