Component 4 – Production & Analysing

In the Edexcel A-level Music Technology Component 4 Production exam, candidates will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of recording and production techniques, principles of sound and audio technology, and the development of recording and production technology.

The exam will cover practical application through questions 1 to 4, including the introduction of setting up equipment, commenting on the music production tools and techniques used, creating new sounds, and processing audio and MIDI tracks.

Candidates will also need to use aural discrimination to identify and evaluate music technology elements and make informed decisions about equipment by analysing data and interpreting diagrams.

The exam will also require candidates to apply technical numeracy and musical language within the context of music technology production.

For question 5, candidates will need to use processing techniques to produce a final, balanced mix.

In question 6, an extended open response essay will focus on a specific recording or mixing scenario, signal path, effect, or music technology hardware unit.

This tutorial will help you get a grip on Logic Pro X from the start. Download and open the Zip file and follow the instruction that are in the PDF and Video

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Sequencing & Arrangement Basics for A level Music Technology

MT Tutorial 1

Component 4 Edexcel Music Technology

Production Techniques & Exam.

Component 4 covers the practical skills needed to produce music in the modern age of DAW’s. These topics are covered in the other components so here we aim to improve those production skills to a point where they can be used in an exam environment.

Have a look at the guidance video for the 2019 Production & Analysing Exam. Below is a sample of the video

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