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Recording & Mixing

The Music Tech Guru’s A Level Music Technology Component 1 Recording and Mixing page is a comprehensive guide to help students master the essential skills and techniques in this field.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, our individual feedback service provides personalised guidance and support to help you reach your full potential.

In particular, we focus on recording techniques, covering the fundamentals of microphone placement, signal routing, and mixing techniques that are necessary for achieving a professional-quality recording. With our expert feedback and guidance, students can develop their recording skills, gain confidence, and create recordings they can be proud of.

Go to the MT Toolbox to have an introduction to logic and the basic functions of the sequencer

How to mix your Drums & Bass for Component 1

We are now offering an individual coursework feedback service.

The individual feedback service provided by Music Tech Guru aims to help students improve their understanding of the A Level Music Technology course.

The service provides personalised feedback on a student’s work, addressing areas of strength and weakness, and offering specific recommendations for improvement.

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Check out some examples below

The Recording tutorials available are

A Practical Recording Project 

There are also supporting documents, quizzes and powerpoint presentations relating to recording techniques.

You should then be ready to undertake the AS level Recording coursework.

The Mixing tutorials should be undertaken in the following order,

Mixing EDM (as part of the composition coursework)


There are also supporting documents, quizzes and powerpoint presentations relating to mixing techniques.

These tutorials will help you with Component 1 and the composition coursework