Recording & Mixing. This is one of the practical components where you will record a cover version of a song from a list of artists designated by Edexcel. This list will change every year.

The difference between the AL and AS courses is that the A level course requires you to record drums and percussion, whereas the AS specifies that no drums should be used in the recording.

It is recommended that A level students should complete the AS coursework as a stepping stone to recording their main project (with drums).

Go to the MT Toolbox to have an introduction to logic and the basic functions of the sequencer

Individual Feedback Service

We are now offering an individual coursework feedback service. This involves sending us the DAW project and we will provide a guidance video to help access the higher grades in the Music Technology A level course.

Contact us via the contact page for more details.

Check out some examples below


The Recording tutorials available are


You should then be ready to undertake the AS level Recording coursework.


The Mixing tutorials should be undertaken in the following order,


These tutorials will help you with Component 1 and the composition coursework

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