A Level Music Technology Tutor (Online)

Are you struggling to get good results with A level Music Technology Coursework?

Do you not feel confident about taking the A level exams?

Perhaps you are a potential university student who needs to provide an excellent portfolio to gain entry to your preferred course?

Or are you a budding producer who needs help to understand the basics of music production?

If you are any of the above then, as your Music Technology Tutor, I can help you.

 What’s my experience in tutoring music technology?

I’ve been teaching the Edexcel A level in Music Technology for over 20 years. This has given me invaluable experience in knowing what’s needed by students to pass the course.

I have taught a lot of students, with varying levels of understanding and commitment.

Because of this, I am an expert in assessing a student’s current ability and knowing how to unlock that students highest potential.

I am also an experienced Music Producer, Musician and Composer that has been working in the industry since the mid 1990’s. Through this experience, I can give pertinent advice on a range of music technology subjects. 

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How do the online tutor sessions work?

It starts with a FREE consultation, either over the telephone or via video call where we discuss what we want the tutoring session to cover.

All going well, we then arrange a suitable time to have weekly 1 hour online tutoring sessions for as long is as needed.

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Who is this Music Technology tuition aimed at?

A Level Music Technology Student

There are 4 components to deal with in the Edexcel Music Technology A level and I know that students can have problems with all of them.

Component 1 is about Recording & Mixing and is practical in nature. The student needs to record and mix a track that has been selected form the list of Artists that comes out every year. This can seem daunting to someone who has never done this before. 

As your tutor, I can help you come up with a recording schedule and show you how to get the best mix from the audio that you have captured.

In addition to  the tutor sessions, you also get a free copy of my Band Mixing Tutorial that will show you many of the techniques you need to understand.

Component 2 covers composition and how to use music technology as part of the creative process. Here I will use the Edexcel Mark Scheme to outline what you need to do in order to achieve higher marks. You have to make use of Sampling, Synthesis and creative effects to do this. A can help you gain a better understanding of these subjects and how to use them effectively within your composition.

Component 3 is exam based and is about music technology in context. We look at how Music Technology has changed throughout the decades, and how it has had an effect on different genres of music. As your tutor, I will help you understand these topics through looking at exam technique and by improving your critical listening skills. 

Component 4 is a practical exam  where your understanding of music production will be tested under exam condition. As your music tech tutor, I can show you the techniques you need to get good marks.

As part of your Music Tech tutor sessions, you also get my Component 4 revision guides for free.

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University Portfolio

Competition is high when trying to get a place on the best Music technology university courses. Often grades are not enough, and you need to submit a portfolio of your work. This normally has to show particular areas of expertise, such as synthesis or sound design. As you Music tech tutor, I can help you construct a decent portfolio show your best skills and that you and a broad understanding of music technology concepts.

There are also plenty of tutorials that can help you with your portfolio available on this site and on Youtube

There are some Free Tutorials here

There are also many tutorials available in the shop that will be available to you for free at your request

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Budding Music Producer

If you are just starting out as a Music Producer, it is helpful to have a music tech tutor to show you techniques and tricks that can save you an awful amount of time and effort if you have to work them out for yourself.

Because of my comprehensive experience as both a music producer and teacher of music tech, I have a  wealth of knowledge that I can help you understand. This will help you progress in music production far quicker than if you had no tuition.

It might be that you are just getting started with music production by using the great online sequencer Bandlab, which is available to use for free

I have a few free tutorials available to help you get started on your music production journey

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