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Music Tech Guru specialises in providing high quality Music Tech Tutorials for all levels and gives online tutoring support to schools and colleges across the UK and around the world.

With years of experience within the both the music industry and education, we have a unique insight into the challenge of providing the right skills and motivation for students of music technology.

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From 2017, all our Music Technology Tutorials are based around Logic X. Although there are many very good DAW’s out there, Logic X gives everyone the same platform from which to explore the many facets of music production.

There are also plenty of supporting documents particularly relating to the Edexcel Music Technology AS & AL Qualification that starts from September 2017. In particular, we have compiled a Music Technology Dictionary that covers all aspects of music technology within the Edexcel’s music tech course. These areas of the website will expand over time.

There is also the ever-growing Music Tech Toolbox. This is where we cover individual plugins, techniques, effects and anything else we can think of relating to Logic X and music production. The new forum will be a catalyst for the different subject covered within the MT Toolbox.

We recognise that Music Technology is a very broad and complex subject that needs to be broken up into manageable chunks in order for the student to progress. That is why our tutorials try hard to create a real-world context that will be engaging to the students, as well as provide them with the Music Tech skills to achieve their potential.


“Music Tech Guru’s Moaning Lisa Smile resource has saved me countless hours trying to get my head around each individual element of this year’s set song, as there are so many audio files to deal with. The student sample song is great as it is different enough from Moaning Lisa Smile that makes students work out how to apply what they’ve learned to the coursework task, rather than just copy what they have done. A great bridging task for students to work on. Both resources will be able to be used in future years as preparation tasks too, so the longevity is there for each project! Thanks Music Tech Guru!”

“Music Tech Guru offer expert advice and communicate with clarity. Thor has produced bespoke guidance videos for our students analysing their practice close-mic and composition projects; demonstrating how they could improve their work and approach future tasks in a better way. These guidance videos have been made professionally and the verbal commentary is pertinent and aimed at students so is both positive and challenges them to improve. It is crystal clear that MTG are highly skilled users of LogicX software and the students receive feedback that is personal and exceptionally helpful: like having a 1-2-1 virtual masterclass! The tutorial projects available on the website are also superbly produced and offer practical ways for students to build skills in sampling, synthesis, mixing, and so on. MTG could just be the best CPD out there for Music Technology teachers.”